Team training

The times when higher labour productivity could be achieved by handing the worker a larger spade are irrevocably past. Only a well trained employee can effectively manage the tasks entrusted to him or her, be it in sales or services, personal counselling or coaching.

Mats Soomre has more than 13 years of experience in management and teambuilding training. His work is based on the Belbin Team Roles, a well-known model developed in England and widely used across the world. IMG Koolitus is the sole representative of Belbin Associates in Estonia.

In today’s business world it is a truth well known that it is not the large that devour the small but the fast that swallow the slow. Therefore the survival of every company hangs on how to create a team that is fast enough in inventing and implementing new things. Innovation does not only require wisdom and good ideas, it requires the right people that engage in the right things in the right team.

In order to tap the real potential of the team and its members the skills of people have to be matched with job requirements. The Belbin Team Roles Model helps analyse the roles of the team members, determine their strengths and allowable weaknesses and bring in suitable reinforcements if necessary. The use of the Belbin team roles theory makes our training sessions unique and quite different from others.

The main training fields are the following:

  • Management,
  • Teamwork and cooperation,
  • Sales, services and customer relations,
  • Individual competences,
  • Belbin Team Roles,
  • Promoter Index.

We use the following training methods:

  • Traditional training aimed at the acquisition of new information,
  • Training aimed at enhancing specific skills,
  • Intensive training aimed at adjusting attitudes, forming a joint understanding and enhancing skills,
  • Personal counselling, discussions and training,
  • Long-term development plans aimed at achieving comprehensive change.

NB! Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss how best to meet the needs of your employees and the team. This is to guarantee that the courses and training undertaken produce the desired results.

A selection of clients of IMG Koolitus:

ABB Elektrimasinate tehas, Alexela Logistics, Avis, Bauhof (Ehitus Service), Deloitte Eesti, Elektroskandia, EMT, Enics Eesti, G4S Eesti, Havi Logistics, Logistika Pluss, Maag Lihatööstus, Mainori Kõrgkool, Narva Elektrijaamad, Nordea Pank, Otto Bock, Põltsamaa Felix, Radisson BLU, Saarioinen, Salon+, Skanska EMV, Swedbank, the Estonian Defence Resources Agency, Environmental Board, Ministry of the Environment, Traffic Insurance Fund, Ministry of Agriculture, Rescue Board, Tartu University Hospital.

Please contact us if you wish to invest in your team.